Lotus Sametime Unyte Share

IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Share is a quick and easy way to bring people and information together online. A recognized leader in Web conferencing, Lotus Sametime Unyte delivers simple, cost effective solutions to meet a wide range of needs.

Lotus Sametime Unyte Share: No-charge plug-in available

The Lotus Sametime Unyte Share service offers a no-charge one-on-one application sharing tool.  Use it to show a colleague, friend or family member anything on your desktop anytime, anywhere. It’s quick and easy.

Simply download the plug-in and invite your contact via email or chat to view your desktop. You are always in control and can stop sharing at any time. The Lotus Sametime Unyte service does not monitor, store or view any sharing session at any time.

Demonstrate a software application, review a document, give a presentation, show your social networking page profile and more with the Lotus Sametime Unyte Share service at no charge.

Need more?

The Lotus Sametime Unyte Share service also lets you show your desktop or share documents and applications with larger groups, anywhere, anytime. It’s an intuitive application that easily integrates with chat, instant messaging and voice solutions allowing seamless escalation from one mode of communication to another.

The Lotus Sametime Unyte Share service lets you invite up to 25 users and delivers features such as desktop sharing, annotation, shared control, remote assistance and scheduling – all for a modest fee.

Lotus Sametime Unyte Share is ideal for small businesses and individuals that want the power of web conferencing without the overhead and high costs. No training is required and users can join a Lotus Sametime Unyte Share session with just one click. Also, for individuals seeking to share ideas, work collaboratively on class projects or complete online profiles, Lotus Sametime Unyte Share is a practical, affordable choice.

Try it at no charge for 30 days and “see” the difference

Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting

Communicate with confidence with IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting. A simple, intuitive conferencing service, the Sametime Unyte Meeting service delivers integrated Web, audio and video capabilities through an easy-to-use interface available through a Web browser.

You can have reliable, high quality Web conferencing for five – 500+ participants. It’s ideal for large events, webinars and training sessions, as well as for team meetings, sales presentations, contract negotiations and financial plan reviews. The Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting service delivers practical, affordable Web conferencing solutions to fit every budget and skill level.

Try it at no charge for 14 days or buy it now and see the difference in your next conference.

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